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Green areas

Maintenance of green areas represent regularly perform a number of activities with a particular sequence aimed normal development of plants and their beautiful looks, reflecting on the best ideas of designers and planners. With a more detailed description of the types of activities, green areas can be divided into:

I. Grass areas.

Water needs for lawn are very large. Crucial to the aesthetic appearance of the lawn is regular watering, even with sufficient water. Fertilizing the lawn with fertilizer during the growing season is absolutely necessary for its good condition. Timely and frequent mowing is another important factor to be even lawn without weeds.

II. Shrub plantings

Clipping is the most important operation aimed bush group have original aesthetic appearance and shape. Depending on the type of the plant material can be made and complex shapes such as "cones", "balls", "waves", and others. Other operations related to the maintenance of shrubs Regular hoeing and fertilizing during the growing season.

III. Maintenance of trees.

The basic operation is the formation of the crown of the tree. This operation should be carried out promptly, because then it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. According to the type of tree crown shape can be round, oval, conical or other naprvena and once it is maintained during the vegetation permanent bonding and orientation of the plant in the desired direction leads to even foliage and landscaping of the entire structure. It is obligatory treatment against diseases and pests.

IV. Areas with flowers.

Maintenance activities of the colorful figures standartni- hoeing, fertilization, treatment against diseases and pests, as periodically carried out pruning to achieve a uniform colored surface and extend the flowering period.

V. Plant material in containers.

Basic care for plants in containers / trees, shrubs, flowers / are their regular watering, weeding, pruning ornamental, fertilizing and, if necessary, treatment against diseases and pests.