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Park Construction   Water Effects

Water areas and water effects in combination with decorative vegetation have considerable impact on the composition of the entire environment.

Water is a key factor with impact on both plants and people. Its presence is most welcome in any garden. Whatever the composition style, water areas in all cases add to the landscape. An alluring element, during hot summer days they are even more beguiling to anyone. Their location shall be well considered and carried out with an utmost precision. Fitting naturally into the entire milieu is vital. Combining a rockery or flowers with a waterfall and a pond and cascading water tables with certain geometry is possible. Such combination of water area with waterfalls or brooks adds to the dynamics of the garden, whereas a pond to water lilies would provide serenity and a more romantic air. Finishing touches are provided by artistic lighting and different accessories, such as footbridges, stones in the water, decorative sculptures and plastics and garden furniture, as well.

Decision on constructing such a facility shall be made during the stage of designing. The construction itself is related to expenses that shall be envisaged in your budget. Our design engineers will help you budget your project, including its further maintenance, which is an aspect you shall give a good consideration prior to commencing its construction. If you are not ready to put aside funds and carry out its proper maintenance, you�d better not commence it at all. The construction of such spatial garden facility is a real challenge. Despite any obstacles, the final result is much impressive, bringing aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction.
What should you know before undertaking the construction of a water area with water effects? The dimensions of the water area depend on the green area of the park. It should neither be too small, nor too dominating. For a garden area of about 300-400 m2 the water area shall be between 10-20m2. Choose its location wisely, selecting the most well-leveled spot. Required materials for a general-type of landscape water area include: fountain polymer mold or foil-flooring, sand, natural stones, river-bed aggregates, fountain pump suitable for the effect aimed at, water and moisture-loving plants. Our specialists would provide any necessary advice and select appropriate type of pump for your pond. To achieve a waterfall effect a pump of appropriate capacity shall be envisaged. If you intend to have water lilies and fish, the pump shall be equipped with filters chemical, mechanical and bio-filters. Water lilies love serene waters and shall be put as far from the pump as possible.
In constructing water areas we make extensive use of the top-quality materials of OASE.



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