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Park Construction - Lighting

The impact of a garden at night is beyond compare. It looks fabulous, surreal. Garden lighting is of two types: decorative and functional. Such a grouping is provisional, of course, since these often interweave, thanks to modern technologies. The basic rule here is again related to the design stage. In order to have aesthetic and functional lighting, it should be envisaged in compliance with the landscape design project, whereas, based on your personal preferences individual decorative elements can be emphasized. Areas which are more frequently use, such as playgrounds and eating sufficient lighting shall be provided, its intensity being different as necessary. Luminaries shall obligatory fit the style and design of the garden in order to achieve harmony with the environment. More intense lighting can be provided to different garden nooks and groups of plants, using spot lights. Currently a wide choice of luminaries is available. We advise reasonable selection of color lighting. Should you decide on soft white light, you run the least risk of making a mistake. Ground mounted outdoor lighting is particularly spectacular. Combining small gleaming lights between the stones of tiled paths is really charming. Architectural elements, ponds and entries shall be lighted accordingly. This can be achieved by different type of luminaries, relying on different design-lines. Whether ground-mounted, mural or watertight lighting is to be selected, it is necessary that they be of the same design-line.