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Landscape Design

Landscape designing is an exceedingly important working process. We put much talent and positive energy into it throughout the process, in order to achieve a long-lasting splendor. In our rat-race daily lives, the greenery is but a key-element, bringing about spiritual harmony and peace. Contemplating just a single plant can help reduce the stress significantly and regain spiritual balance. An increasing number of people would spare time and funds on creating a green area of their own, and, an increasing number of developers get convinced that investments in green areas pay back multiple times. To perform landscape designing professionally and achieve the effect desired, it should start off by creating a park lay out project. It is the only way for you to get a general idea about locations of different areas and nooks, the optimal positioning of all connections and communications and plant composition and distribution.

Our first meetings with you focus on clarifying your preferences, requirements and desires. The pieces of advice we are to give you throughout this working stage aim at helping you elucidate the general concept about your landscape design. Sometimes, it might not turn out possible to realize all ideas, but a good layout can provide the basis for further development of the project. This makes it important to have one fully elaborated. It would also save time and help avoid mistakes. Landscape designing is provided by fully certified engineers. Projects are developed to a technical design stage, including concept design, dendrological layouts, sited drawing and 3D visualizations. Not only do you obtain a project as a prerequisite for construction permit issuance, but it is also completely implementable and compliant with your desires, site specifics and microclimatic conditions. Different perspectives rendered by 3D visualizations would help you get a realistic idea of what your garden or park would look like.