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Company Profile

"ERIKA" is a company, having a considerable background, which puts us under the obligation of proving it in practice with each new project to carry on. We have to evolve and look for new opportunities and contemporary technologies in elaborating garden, park and interior spaces. To this end, we keep in contact and collaborate with numerous European companies, most of which are currently partners of ours. In the period between 2001 and 2008 we completed over 360 sites, including governmental and municipal projects; 60 hotel and hotel complex sites; holiday villas and real properties for sale; 30 holiday real properties; 120 office buildings and 150 private parks and gardens.

Presently, we maintain the lawns and irrigation systems of over 60 sites, located on the territory of Varna region and along the Black Sea coast, as well as in the region of the city of Plovdiv.